1. What forms of books do I review?
I will review paperback, hardback, PDF and also proof copies of books as well. I will review e-books sometimes, if you contact me on my blog and hopefully I will be able to review it. 

2. How do I contact you?
You can contact me, by clicking on the 'contact me' button and I will reply ASAP.

3. Do I get paid to run this blog?
I haven't thought about that at all, and this blog is relatively new, but being paid to run this blog isn't really a thought in my mind at this moment in time. 

4. How do I send a book to you?
You can contact me via my 'contact me' button and I will reply ASAP with my response as to if your book genre is in my preference and send you my postal address. You can also add when you want you review put on my blog and if you want the review posted to Goodreads as well.

5. Do I review style and home wear?
I haven't (so far) but would be open to reviewing style and home wear on this blog. 

If there are any questions here that I haven't answered, contact me via the button to the side of this blog and I will answer you right away. If not, you can also ask me anything on twitter at @23reviewstreet <3